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Paid Search

Paid Search (also known as Pay-per-Click Advertising) is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing in 2020.

Award-Winning Client Results.

If you are looking for immediate leads and conversions, advertising on a search engine like Google can be an excellent choice for your business. We create, optimize and manage Google Ads campaigns that are designed to bring you leads.

Since Google Ads is all about keywords, Keyword Research is where it all begins and is a crucial step to the success of your campaign.

Conducting keyword research is important for building out effective Google Ad campaign, which lead to conversions and an increased return on investment.

Your Google Ads CTR (Click-Through Rate) is heavily dependent on the ad copy as there is no image/video capabilities on the Google Search Network.

Our team will write compelling, informative text ads that speak to your target audience and attract new business.  We deploy A/B and Multi-Variant tests to find the best performing combination of ad headlines, descriptions and call-to-actions.

It’s no secret that landing pages generally result in a higher amount of quality leads and conversions, when running ads.

We create and optimize landing pages for campaigns around the ads and your target audience.

We set-up and install all the necessary tracking tools needed to be able to track the conversions from your campaigns.

This is a crucial component since it allows us to optimize the funnel and track the campaign performance. 

We breakdown, study and optimize each section of the campaign funnel to ensure we are getting you the best possible results.

The campaign data that we track allows us to make powerful, data-driven decisions.

Our Onboarding Process


Discovery Meeting

This is where we learn as much as we can about your business and what makes you special.


Market Research

We study your audiences, competitors, and industry to give us an accurate view of your business landscape.


Strategy & Campaign Creation

Our content creators & marketing specialists build out a campaign that is designed to bring you business.


Strategy Walk-Through 

Once we have all the ducks in a row, we’ll walk you through the strategy and get your final approval before launch.


Launch & Management

This is our time to shine and flex our marketing muscles. 

“Incredible. I don’t understand how they did it… they created a multi-platform ad campaign that brought us a ton of new business. Trena Digital is the best marketing agency in Vancouver!”

Javier Pinto, Owner of golden fenix renovations | Langley, BC

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