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We had the pleasure of being featured in a Medium article, on Medium’s largest publication, The Startup, with over 650,000 readers!

You can read the Medium article here. The article covers how we optimize marketing funnels and what it means for us + a mini case study.

As a performance marketing agency in Vancouver, the marketing funnel is a crucial component to the success of our campaigns for our clients.

Too many times people get caught up in a certain section of their own marketing funnel thinking that is the issue when in reality it’s not. The most common example we see is when people are running ads and they come to us asking why their campaigns are not performing well. Upon a brief inspection, it becomes evident that they have been putting all their effort into the ad campaign but no effort or strategy into the landing page experience. A common mistake is sending traffic to the home page of your website with no real direction for your paid traffic resulting in a complete waste of ad spend and/or poor leads.

What’s the point of investing a ton of money into ads when the landing page experience is terrible? What’s the point of investing a ton of money into your website but have little to no traffic? Where & how can you find that perfect balance?

Here at Trena Digital, that is our bread & butter! As an award-winning web design & performance marketing agency, we help brands across North America make their online advertising more profitable.

You can learn more about our Performance Marketing services here.

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