3 Reasons To Have The Facebook Pixel

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In this episode we are going to be talking about the Facebook Pixel, check out the video here.

A video from Trena Digital’s YouTube Channel

What is the Facebook pixel and why should I install it?

Well, the Facebook pixel is simply a tracking code that get’s installed on the back end of your website. Having a pixel installed on your website in 2020 is a must-have.

So why should you install a Facebook Pixel?

There are three key reasons:

Number 1: Analytics
Once you install this on every page of your website, you get a basic level of website data available to view on Facebook Business Manager and you can also track specific website events such as conversions.

Number 2: Lookalike Audiences
The Facebook pixel will learn about your website visitors and start to create an audience based on people visiting your website, for example: Out of your past 1000 website visitors, 80% of them were female that had an interest in football. So when you decide to run ads on Facebook/Instagram, you can now choose to target a lookalike audience, select how similar you want it to be to your data set, and then Facebook will go ahead and show your ads to other females that have an interest in football.

Lookalike audiences generally have a higher rate of conversion but this should always be split tested against a custom audience to ensure your campaign is optimized.

Number 3: Remarketing Purposes
The Facebook pixel allows you to re-target your ads to people that have visited your website or a specific page. And if you use social media at all, you have definitely experienced this already, when you visit a website and then shortly after, you start seeing their ads all over Facebook and Instagram and remarketing is a beast of its own.

In summary the Facebook pixel is a very powerful marketing tool, it’s free to use, and it’s simple to install.

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